Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rich Harrill's Aruba Revisited

Use your inter eye to appreciate beauty in the world.

This short blog is simply some reflections on favorite Aruban people and places.  The first few photographs are of well-known Aruban artist Vanessa Paulina.  Her work includes own childhood reflections, her Schizophrenia series, and commissioned work.  Please check out her website for more about her life and work. 
Art reflecting self:  self portraits.
Almost anything can be made into art with a little 
reflection and inspiration.
 The artist by her studio.
 Art reflecting art.
 An appealing billboard for a bathroom, ceramic, and
tile company.
 Silla--an excellent Dominican restaurant is a few blocks from the University of Aruba.
Another lazy day at Zeerover.
Fading sunlight reflecting off the water.
 Watching the well-loved Brazilian national soccer team.
The Ronda Café
 My chariot!
 Colombia Street
Dominican pubs downtown can be quite rowdy at night.
The Che bar ("Cocina Argentina") is a favorite spot for assorted grilled meats in the tourist area.
Instead of a sandcastle, these creative kids made a sea turtle.  Art reflecting life!

Another day at Arashi Beach--Aruba is the perfect place to chill and reflect period!

Paola, Eagle Beach